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Coming soon to a phone near you


I have been predicting that with the rise of Voip and the easy integration of the phone network with computers, it's only a matter of time before you get ads for V1agra and C1a11Is in your voicemail.

Well, yesterday, that happened to me! I received a phone call from a spammer. I answered the phone and there was a recording selling me information on how to lower my mortgage rate!

Essentially if you can get access to a SIP connection to the phone networks, you can initiate as many phone calls as you have bandwidth for and spoof the caller-ID as well. That sounds a lot like how SMTP works....


From U.S. Code Title 47:

§ 64.1200 Delivery restrictions.
(a) No person may:

(1) Initiate any telephone call (other than a call made for emergency purposes or made with the prior express consent of the called party) using an automatic telephone dialing system or an artificial or prerecorded voice,
(i) To any emergency telephone line, including any 911 line and any emergency line of a hospital, medical physician or service office, health care facility, poison control center, or fire protection or law enforcement agency;
(ii) To the telephone line of any guest room or patient room of a hospital, health care facility, elderly home, or similar establishment; or
(iii) To any telephone number assigned to a paging service, cellular telephone service, specialized mobile radio service, or other radio common carrier service, or any service for which the called party is charged for the call;

(2) Initiate any telephone call to any residential telephone line using an artificial or prerecorded voice to deliver a message without the prior express consent of the called party, unless the call is initiated for emergency purposes or is exempted by § 64.1200(c) of this section.

Damn being an early adopter!!!

So, a few years ago, I built my own computer. It still works great! At the time, I had a choice of two competing technologies for memory. One was technically better but slightly more expensive(Rambus). The other was cheap, but not as good. The price difference was small enough that the extra performance justified it.

Today, I decided I wanted to upgrade the memory in my computer so I could run Vista... Unfortunately, Rambus lost the war and now costs nearly 5 times as much! So, instead of costing around $130 for 512 megabytes of additional memory, it is going to cost $600!

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birthday massacre

Morbid entertainment

As many of you know, it's windy outside! So, what do I do? Go inside and enjoy my warm apartment? No! I go up on the roof and watch entire portions of the power grid go out. It's quite amazing to watch. First, you see a bright blue flash off in the distance and a major side of a hill goes dark. Then a few seconds later, lights come back on... Sometimes...

My favorite was Madrona! That area went out several times before going completely black. Every time, I wondered.. Will it come back on, or is it down for the count?

Anyway, it was amazing to look out across Lake Washington and see nothing but darkness on the hills. The only lights I could see were downtown Bellevue and the radio towers on cougar mountain. Everything else was dark.

Strangely my power is still on....

(No longer) Plays for sure!

Well, I decided since my warranty is now expired on my MP3 player, and I'm considering buying a new Zune anyway, I would try out RockBox on my iRiver.

Other than the fact that the interface is UGLY, it's amazing! I can now play those stupid AAC files that iTunes people keep sending me as well as the FLAC files I like to encode.

Even many of the broken MP3 which tended to crash the original firmware play flawlessly.

The downside? I can no longer play any DRM protected content. Oh well.. Since I am opposed to DRM and will never buy any content with DRM on it, this won't be a problem.

Speaking of which.. Does anyone know of a legal site I can buy music online without DRM? I want to buy the Kings of Hate, but it's a digital only release! Just for the record: AllOfMp3 is NOT legal.

No means no!

I just closed my Macy's account. Why? Because they were pissing me off that's why.

When I signed up for the card, I got it mainly to build my credit. I signed up at Macy's and they gave me $100 limit. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS... At Macy's.. Of course the few shirts I had at the counter maxed it out on the spot.

Anyway, when I was filling out the paperwork, they asked me if I wanted a "Credit protection plan". It seemed rather worthless. If I lose my job and can't pay off the card, they'll wave the balance. Wow.. So if I lose my job at Microsoft and can't pay off my $100 balance, they'll wave it. Of course I said no.

A month later, I get a phone call... On my cell phone during work. Macy's wanted to know if I was interested in "Credit Protection". I politely said no and told them not to call back.

A couple weeks after that, they called again. Offering me the same thing. I of course caught the sales guy off-guard and asked if he was selling credit protection. When he said yes, I very sternly told him I wasn't interested and not to call me again or I would close my account.

Then... Last week... They called AGAIN! This time I was rather pissed and just said, "That's it! I told you if you called again I would close my account! I'm closing it, have a good day. Good bye!"

My account is now closed. My nice red Macy's card is in lots of little pieces in the bottom of my trash. I'm am not going to be a valued customer if they piss me off.